Could you have a future in care work?

If you are aged 16-23 we can help!


Care Myths Busted

You need experienceÖ..
Care companies are looking for staff who are caring, good communicators and have enthusiasm for caring for others. We can fully train you and support you to get your Level 2 Health and Social Care Diploma, so no need to worry about being unqualified.

You might have more experience than you think. Have you cared for a relative, popped in for a chat with an elderly neighbour or supported someone through a difficult time? All of this is great experience, it doesnít have to be paid work on your CV.

The experience you get in care work may help you move on towards management, nursing, psychology or even training.

Itís for girls!
No way! Iím 18 years old and have been a support worker for Dave-a 19 year old adult with a learning disability- for 6 months now. I support him to do activities, cook and go shopping each week. Itís the perfect job for me, and Iím the perfect carer for him!

You need to wipe peopleís bums!
There are plenty of jobs in care that donít require any bum wiping! However in some areas you may need to carry out intimate personal care. If thatís not your thing, Weíll try to match you to a different type of care work.

So, donít leave it any longer.
Contact us, weíll answer any questions and if you think itís the job for you, weíll get you started on your new career.
We can train you, help with CV and interview skills and organise job interviews, and itís all for free!

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