Case Study

The Social Partnership

Jean RossI chose BYTSYZ e-Learning for its flexibility. If I had employed a tutor to provide a similar course to the Protection of Vulnerable Adults - PoVA it would have taken place on one day a week over a number of weeks.
Through their programme BYTSYZ e-Learning has saved our company both money and time.

As a manager I am more than happy to recommend BYTSYZ, as I have a number of employees undertaking their e-Learning packages.

The students have found the learning modules user-friendly and achievable. The trial assessments have proved beneficial as staff can take as many of the mock assessments as they like before doing the final assessment. This has given them confidence to go on to the next module. They are able to access their course at any time on any computer with an internet connection.

I am able to take a hands-off approach as it is not labour intensive. Through the management tool (KManager) I am able to access the students' records any time which tells me how long they have spent learning and any mock or final assessments they have taken. This is a useful tool, enabling me to identify any problems the students may have without them having to tell me.

I am automatically sent an email informing me if a student hasn't accessed the learning for a week. I also receive an email if a student passes or failes an assessment. At the end of the course I am given a report on the students' achievements which is useful evidence for monitoring and reviews.

The site is easy to navigate with back-up telephone support if needed. For the students it is user-friendly and easily accessible.

Marie Fox
The Social Partnership

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