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Management Development Programme

In all sectors, the skills required by managers are generic skills which are required to ensure their organisations are functioning to the best of their abilities.

Frequently, managers come direct into a post from an occupational background and do not necessarily have the all round management skills required to tackle the new challenges and changes within their sector. Training in these areas is often forgotten and managers are expected to have these skills 'naturally' often with no guidance and invariably they learn by the mistakes they make.

We have developed and designed a programme that aims to improve the knowledge and skills of managers. The content is drawn from established training packages which can be tailored to individual or organisational needs. Identifying the exact needs can be conducted by Target Training or developed from core needs, identified by the organisation. The programme is accredited as a development award through the ILM.

Element A - Realise the Potential At the spine of the programme is Element A - Realise the Potential. This commences with a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) 'psychometric assessment' carried out on a one to one basis by a trained professional. In the personal feedback, individuals can discuss their personal traits, strengths, weaknesses, preferences and learn how they may be perceived by those they manage. Additionally, a one to one development interview is conducted and a long term Individual Training Plan is agreed.

Element B - Building for Success
The main body of the programme is a series of eight workshops based on the typical needs of managers. Delivery is by trained professionals within their relevant fields. All learning styles are catered for including lecture, lesson, group discussion, group activity and scenario based learning. Workshops can be tailored to suit organisational needs as required.

Workshop 1
Essential Management
Workshop 2
Training Needs Analysis
Workshop 3
Recruitment & Interview
Workshop 4
Planning and Leading Meetings
Workshop 5
Conflict Management
Workshop 6
Effective Time Management
Effective Appraisals
Workshop 8
Leadership and Team Building

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