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Training costs money - in terms of time, loss of production, use of resources, wages, materials and bought in expertise. Whether it's 'on' or 'off the job', if time, money and resources are not invested properly, then the business and the individuals suffer. Wrongly targeted training or training for training's sake is an expensive and counterproductive waste of resources.

In order to add value to the organisation and provide appropriate development for individuals, training needs must be correctly identified through analysis and not guesswork. Investment in training and development is equally important as investment made in technology, machinery or premises. Workforce development is about planning for the right people, at the right time, with the right skills and competences - and that takes planning. The Workforce Development Programme guides attendees through this process.

Planning Phase

Stage 1 - Gathering information

Stage 2 - Collating and analysing the gathered information

Stage 3 - Using the analysis to create a plan of action

Stage 4 - Business consultation

Stage 5 - Continuous review

Stage 6 - Modify training and development activity to reflect changes in company goals or targets

The programme also looks at other impacts such as the role of regional development agencies, sector skills councils and government strategy e.g. implementation of the 'Leitch Report'.

As an integral part of the programme, attendees will create a workforce development plan, by first looking at creating a 'baseline', in accordance with the Minimum Data Set. This will include requirements forecasts, staff skills can, work scheduling planning and staff time accounts. From this baseline, they will develop their workforce development plan and work with a personal advisor to implement and develop.

The programme will also look at other areas that can impact on the organisations and development of it's workforce.

Impact Areas

Workplace Wellbeing - promoting workplace health
Developing Team Leaders - workplace leaders for now and the future
Effective Development Objectives - organisational, team & individual
Human Resources Policy & Development

The course is accredited as an endorsed award with the ILM.

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