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Leadership and Management

Workplace Bullying

LENGTH 1 day

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SUITABLE FOR Managers and supervisors.

Course summary

Workplace bullying is not something that an organisation or individuals can afford to ignore. To guard against that it is key that we understand what bullying in the workplace includes. This workshop outlines the characteristics, legal implications and methods to beat the bully. The workshop gets attendees to look at how we can beat bullies; improve self esteem and reinforces management responsibilities. The workshop is practical based and includes presentations, group activities, discussion and action planning.

Following this course learners will be able to:

  • Describe what workplace bullying is
  • Describe characteristics of a bully
  • Develop skills and knowledge required to beat workplace bullying
  • Understand legal implications of bullying in the work place
  • Develop tools for improving self esteem
  • Understand management responsibilities around bullying in the workplace

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