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Health and Safety

Complete Staff Induction Package

LENGTH 3 hours 35 minutes - Online

COST Contact us for further information, prices may alter due to group size or additional requirements

SUITABLE FOR All front line workers in all fields, recommended for new staff and to keep certification updated for current staff.

Course summary

An Introduction to health and safety at work (50 minutes)
This course introduces learners to health and safety issues and provides information on some roles and responsibilities of employers and employees

Fire awareness certification (45 minutes)
Fire Awareness provides learners with the knowledge required to contribute to the implementation of fire safety and evacuation in the work place

Including FREE

Safe manual handling certification (60 minutes)
Safe manual handling certification:Learners will understand how to handle loads safely and the legal issues around manual handling

Handling stress at work (60 minutes)
This course helps staff to recognise and manage stress

Following this course learners will be able to...

Health & Safety at Work.
  • Understand the importance of health and safety
  • Understand legal implications
  • Take action in the event of an accident
  • Know where to go for further help and advice
  • Identify workplace dangers

Fire Awareness.
  • Understand the responsibilities of employer and employee in fire safety
  • Identify risks of fires
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping in fire prevention
  • Use fire extinguishers correctly
  • Use safe evacuation procedures
  • React appropriately if there is a fire
  • Deal appropriately with fire casualties

Safe manual handling certification.
  • Understand the law and manual handling
  • Develop strategies to avoid manual handling
  • Safely assess the risks of manual handling
  • Understand how our backs work
  • Implement safe lifting techniques and lift awkward loads

Handling stress at work.
  • Define stress
  • Identify symptoms of stress
  • Explain causes of stress and manage these
  • Use stress control techniques

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